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Cervejaria & Maltaria

Brewing and Malting


Micro malting-house developed to meet the needs of those seeking to produce malt of common and/or special types.

Cópia de Balança de Fluxo.jpg

Ensures controlled weighing and dosing of a wide range of bulk products.

Grãos, Malte e Cervejaria.jpg

Zeppelin offers the best solutions for storing dry bulk materials.

Linha Completa.jpg

Zeppelin Systems provides complete malting plants from the receipt, grading and ensiling of the barley to the maceration, germination and drying processes.

Máquina Revolvedora.jpg

Equipment that uses fluidization to transport dry materials (bulk or powder), providing an economical and high-quality transport solution.

Components and Receiving

Componentes & Recebimento

It is efficient and economical, developed to serve various industrial segments, especially food.

Robust equipment developed to serve various industrial segments, especially minerals.


Filtro de Mangas.jpg

Used to retain particles in positive pressure or vacuum conveying systems for powdered or grained materials

Intelli Filter.jpg

The Intelli Filter is a programmable electronic sequencer for filter elements cleaning

Unidade de Despoeiramento Móvel.jpg

Designed to solve sporadic problems in controlling air pollution.

Dedusting suspended dust in storage silos, hoppers and scales, generated by the pneumatic transport system

Dosing and Weighing 

Dosagem & Pesagem

Intelligent system for preparing powdered micro-ingredients


The ideal solution for small and medium companies, which have to deal with dosing of dry powders and granulates.

Roscas Transportadoras.jpg

Used in powder handling and solid granules for several industry segments

Roscas Transportadoras e Dosadoras.jpg

Equipment for conveying or dosing ofsolidmaterials.


Used to store small volumes of powder or grain material

Cleaning and Separation

Limpeza & Separação

Is appropriate for dilute phase conveying systems to remove suspended dust particles (by electrostatic force attached to pellets)

Máquina de Limpeza.jpg

The cleaning machine performs the sifting of grains and flour of different sizes.

Quality Manufacturing

Manufatura de Qualidade
Fabricação de Barcos e Navios.jpg

The profile of the aluminum shipbuilding area provides the indispensable quality for your project



The Codos® Systems consists of mixer and kneader, including dosing for dry ingredients, fat, and liquids


We offer the right solution for your mixture, in terms of process, handling and processing


Two Way Chute.jpg

The perfect equipment to divert the material flow between two ways.
Assembled in vertical throughput position manual, motor or pneumatic drive

Desviador de Calha Circular.jpg

Appropriate to divert material flow between two ways Installed in horizontal passage. Operation can be manual, motorized or pneumatic

Deviation Device.jpg

Designed to alternate in two ways the flow of material supplied by the main aeroslide.

Dry Powder Sampler.jpg

Collects samples in depressurized points of the conveying system for test purposes.


Collects samples in depressurized points of the conveying system for test purposes.

Trocador de Calor.jpg

Its mechanical concept avoids any chance of contamination.

Receiving, Unloading and Loading Products

Rec. Desc e Carregamento de Produtos

Equipment developed for loading and unloading containers with internal liner for various products in pellets or powder

Big Bag Discharger.jpg

Prepared to admit dedusting equipment. Carbon steel or stainless steel construction.

Movimentação de Materiais.jpg

Best solutions for storage, flow control and handling of bulk dry materials.

Rosca Umidificadora.jpg

Robust construction with wear plates Spraying nozzles (water) restrain from powder formation during wagon or truck loading Appropriate for minerals, foods and chemicals


The container discharge unit is utilized to discharge different types of powdered or grained products from bags, big bags and especially from containers or small hoppers

Equipamento Carga Descarga.jpg

Equipment for train wagon or truck loading (bulk materials) and silo 


Supplies oil-free air at low temperature for pneumatic conveying systems. It is also appropriate to fluidize silos and conveying pads, to aerate silos, etc. 



These equipment allow for safe storage of powdered or granulated dry bulk materials without risk of contamination


Transilos are high mobility equipment made of aluminum, used to store dry products (bulk or powder)

Silos Especiais.jpg

Specially designed to comply with the customer's need, as, for example, Blending Silos, which are utilized to homogenize products

Cone Invertido Silo.jpg

Inverted cone technology for cement, fly ash, ground limestone, alumina and clinker raw

Tanques Atmosféricos.jpg

Calculated according to API 650 and manufactured with carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other materials.

Cone de Fluidização.jpg

Fluidized cones are the best solution to discharge sticky materials from silos. Their fluidized jacket that covers the entire inside of the cone allows for complete discharge

Válvula Sub e Sob Pressão.jpg

Extremely important safety equipment in any company

Transport System

Sistemas de Transporte

Equipment that uses fluidization for transport dry material materials (bulk or powder), providing an economical and high quality transport

Transporte Pneumático.jpg

The pneumatic conveying system has the function of transporting raw material (powder or granule) from one source to one or more points through the fluidization concept.

Elevador de Canecas.jpg

Hauling equipment for large quantities of powdered or granulated materials. Hauling steps up to 100 m height. 

Screw Pump.jpg

Screw pumps are appropriate to convey pneumatically abrasive products in dilute phase in external areas.


This equipment guarantees maximum efficiency in separating solids from conveying gas by centrifugal action. 

Vaso de Pressão.jpg

The Pressure Vessel is used in the transportation of highly abrasive products.
Its closed system meets the needs of environmental preservation.


Pneumatic elevating equipment designed to convey vertically powdered materials


This automatic control unit enables the safe operation of slow motion conveying in particular, by providing pre­calculated air quantities at any time and under any operating conditions.


Developed with pneumatic conveying of abrasive solids in mind


Válvula Desvio T.jpg

Used specially for filling several silos and bins from one common pneumatic conveying line. 

Válvula de Desvio V.jpg

Used specially for diverting the bulk material flow in pneumatic dense and dilute phase conveying systems. 

Válvula de Desvio Y.jpg

Used to diverting the bulk material flow in dense or diluted phase pneumatic conveying systems.

Válvula em V_Imagem Tratada Com Fundo Cinza.jpg

Used for the diversion of bulk material, transported by pipeline, both in dense phase and in diluted phase.

Válvula Dosadora.jpg

It is a rotating industrial equipment, used for manufacturing plants, processors, storages, distributors, for movement and weighing of powdered products or fine granulates.

Válvula Guilhotina.jpg

Specially designed to block material flow in pneumatic conveying systems Adequate for high temperature and abrasive products Operation can be manual or pneumatic.

Designed to block the material flow in a conveying line for maintenance purposes.

Válvula Calota.jpg

Valve for pneumatic conveying systems through conveying vessels Its main function is the sealing of the system.

Válvula Tipo GR.jpg

Rotary Valves (Rotary Feeders) are widely used in the unloading and dosing of powder and granular materials in silos, hoppers, pneumatic conveying system, bag filters, cyclones and other equipment.

Válvula BT.jpg

These valves can be installed in narrow places. They are adequate for cohesive or humid materials that would bring down the conveying capacity if dosed by conventional valves.

Valvula Rotativa Tipo MDS.png

Used for reliable metered discharge of various kinds of solids and powders from silos as well as feeding devices into pneumatic conveying systems.

Valvula Rotativa Tipo HDS.png

Used for reliable metered discharge of various kinds of solids and powders from silos as well as feeding devices into pneumatic conveying systems.

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