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Big Bag Unloaders (Discharger)

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Allow for easy and practical unloading of products received in big bags

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The Zeppelin Big Bags Unloader (Big Bag Discharger) is designed for unloading bags of dry materials (powder or granules). ​


Its ease and speed of operation bring to the production lines are the main benefits of this product. ​


Prepared to receive dedusting system, they can be made of carbon steel or stainless steel.

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  • Reliability, repeatability, and agility of the process;

  • Ensures the integrity of the raw material;

  • Easy operation of equipment;

  • Requires small area for equipment allocation;

  • Low maintenance cost;

  • Easy installation.

O descarregador de big bag agilizar o serviço e  evitar o desgaste excessivo de funcionários


Zeppelin supports the discharcger in 3 different options:

  • Simple, for 1 Big Bag at a time;

  • Double, for 2 simultaneous Big Bags;

  • Quadruple, for 4 simultaneous Big Bags.

Descarregador de bigbag.jpg

Charging process

To power the Big Bag discharger, an electric hoist or forklift is used, this defines whether the equipment to be used will be with:

  • W-profile structure or;

  • Tubular profile rack.

Descarregador Big Bag_Perfil W_Rack Tubu

The structure receives the integrated hoist and the rack is accompanied by its own adapter so as not to break or damage the big bag when lifting, allowing the rack to be fed through forklifts. After starting the unloading of the raw material at the hopper exit, there is a conveyor screw or rotary valve, correctly dosing the raw material to the pneumatic conveying line without danger of clogging.

The hopper can be presented in the following ways:

  • Closed for powder products;

  • Open for granulated products.

When closed, it can be equipped with a visor and glove box for handling the material inside the hopper for critical moments when unloading big bags. ​


The filter is used for powder products that can harm the environment, this is a determination of Brazilian legislation that refers to both work and environmental safety."

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