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Dosing Valve

With dosage and material blocking functions in a pneumatic conveying system. The dosing valve can work with abrasive and high temperature products. it can be combined with weighing systems, silos, loading, conveying, storing, dispensing and dosing powdered or grained materials.


The dosing valve is a rotating industrial equipment used in manufacturing plants to dose powdered products or fine granules, as well as totally or partially blocking the flow of the product.


Its main advantage is that the dosing system is operated without restricting the production process

The materials of its construction, both housing and rotor, provide hardness and good sliding properties, pressure-tightness and low maintenance.


​Its mechanical construction is based on its own German technology, to maintain its skills by reducing the maintenance period and providing reliability.

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  • The dosing valve can be assigned to work with abrasive materials and in heavy-duty applications.

  • Wide functions like:

    • Dosing;

    • Material's blocking and;

    • Partial flow of material;

  • Sealing system self-adjusted by spiral springs.

  • Can operate at high temperatures (on request);

  • Can be combined with:

    • Weighing device;

    • Silo systems;

    • Loading plants.

  • Material of construction: cast iron and carbon steel plates.


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