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Spheriseg Dome - Type Valve

Projetada para bloquear o fluxo do material em uma linha de transporte para manutenção.


The Spheriseg Valve is used in pneumatic conveying lines with pressure vessels, where its main function is to seal the system.

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The Spheriseg valve allows full passage of solid or liquid materials when opened. It does not impose any restriction or obstruction to the direct and straight passage of the material.


​It is mainly intended for the isolation of transfer lines for dry bulk products under pressure. ​


The plug is in the form of a spherical hubcap, which allows the full passage of products in the open state without obstructions.


The Spheriseg valve has the additional advantage of being able to block a column of dust or granular solids without the need for prior cleaning of the conveyor line.


The name Spheriseg comes from the sphere geometry of its shutter. ​


Ball valves are a perfect alternative to large diameter stop valves.


Manufactured in different types of materials suitable for each specific application. Both body and disk can be made in:

  • Cast iron;

  • Cast Stainless Steel (AISI 304 316);

  • WCB, etc., and others on request.

Sealing is achieved through inflatable seal made of synthetic rubber compounds, suitable for the operating conditions. The pressure of the sealing gas must be approximately 1 bar above the pressure of the fluid.

It can be adopted to operate in lines with temperatures up to 220ºC, or above in versions with water cooling.

The sizes can vary from 3 ”to 24”.

The actuation is carried out by means of a double-acting pneumatic actuator, controlled by a solenoid-type control valve.


Main applications are in pneumatic conveying systems, as a conveyor feed valve and in-branch isolation in pneumatic conveying systems. They can be used in general applications with other fluids, where it is necessary to interrupt or isolate a transfer line or equipment.

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