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Make technology increase the productivity of your production!


Services performed by our team of engineers:

  • Automation of industrial plants utilizing our own SCADA System(SuperZepp);

  • Safe data exchange with ERP;

  • Configuration and programming of HMIs;

  • Projects in Industrial Automation;

  • Flow Process Chart;

  • Instrumentation for Equipment and Industrial Systems.


  • Manages many recipes and production orders simultaneously;

  • Sends recipes from the ERP in a standardized and safe fashion, which in turn makes the creation of new recipes more flexible;

  • Enables sending a production order from the ERP;

  • Manages alarm reports, events and production data;

  • Enables user management and access control;

  • Allows easy visualization of analogic units and graphs in real-time;  

  • Shows transfer data history.

Developed by Zeppelin Systems, SuperZepp is the perfect solution for controlling and managing recipes and batches. With a user-friendly interface, quick training and exceptional functionality, it efficiently integrates your production system.


In addition to factory floor control and automation, SuperZepp offers full interactivity, generation of graphics and various reports, and integration with ERP systems. This means that you can control and send recipes directly from your ERP, in addition to receiving real-time information from the plant.


Automate your industry and create a dynamic, flexible and practical environment to meet ever-changing demands. Get in touch with our Zeppelin Systems consultants and take a step forward in industrial automation!


​Among the differentials of this system we can mention that SuperZepp:

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