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Container Discharge Unit

nidade de descarga de contêiners (CDU).p


CDU have flexibility for the most varied layouts, adapting easily to possible changes. The CDU is ideal for discharging various types of powder and granules.

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The container discharge unit(CDU) is used for unloading various types of dust and granules from bags, bags and mainly containers and small hoppers. Another function that fulfills with excellence is the feeding of pneumatic conveying systems.


The CDU, Container Discharge Unit, which in free translation means Unit for container unloading is an equipment configured with two basic elements: a rotary valve and a metallic structure to support the valve.


  • It requires little space for operation due to its compact and robust construction;

  • Easy transport by forklift;

  • Material input / output geometry ensures smooth feeding;

  • Deflector integrated in the housing, does not obstruct the material feeding;

  • Minimal air leakage, due to the special construction and the 10/12 sealing chambers;

  • Easy access to accessories, allow simple maintenance;

  • Female connection type quick coupling for discharge;

  • Direct drive between the motor and the frame;

  • Frequency variator (Optional);

  • Structure to support Big-Bags (Optional).


The great advantages of using a CDU are highlighted by the operational efficiency of the equipment:

  • Manufactured compactly and integrated with the metal structure, which makes installation more flexible;

  • Support structure casters for movement on the ground and places designed to fit fork for forklift.

Functioning Principle

This equipment is used in pneumatic conveying systems as a dosing element for solid raw materials, in grains or powder, through the rotary valve which, in addition to dosing, also acts as a sluice in the pneumatic conveying piping.


The most common applications for this equipment are pneumatic conveying systems, for example for unloading bulk materials from containers with internal liners. ​


The set is connected in its feeding nozzle right after the liner exit, and in its base are connected the air hoses and also the product transport hose, which will direct this mixture of air and product to the desired destination.


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