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Equipment developed for loading and unloading containers with internal liner and is suitable for various products in pellets or powder, such as polymers, coffee, carbon black, grains, fertilizers, alumina and plastic pellets, among many others.


Bulktilter® is a standard 20-foot container tilter, consisting basically of a fixed lower support structure. This structure can be metallic or made of concrete and directly supports a swinging gantry and two hydraulic cylinders.

This gantry is responsible for lifting and locking the container, and also for the operation of tilting, deflating and returning the container on the semi-trailer of the truck. The alignment of the container on the semi-trailer is aided by two turnstiles, optionally a hydraulic correction system can be provided. For the stoving process, this system is provided in the basic configuration.

Built in carbon steel metal profiles, it has a hydraulic unit and fully automated controls integrated with CLP and HMI.


Equipment suitable for companies that export / import bulk materials into containers;

  • Plastic processing industries; 

  • Fertilizer industries; 

  • Cooperatives;

  • Industries of the food industry;


Usually used in companies that need a transportation that provides:

  • Safety

  • Rapidity; 

  • Quality guarantee of the material to be transported;

  • Ways to minimize logistical cost;

  • Faster and more accurate flow of loads;

  • Improved speed of customer service.



Sowing and spawning processes can be performed with the same equipment.


  • Cost reduction with packaging;

  • Reduction of time of movement of the raw material;

  • Reduction of cost in the purchase of raw material, being able to acquire it anywhere in the world and benefit from the exchange;

  • Reduction of labour and even the index of departures by "READ" or accidents at work;

  • Reduced material losses, the system works sealed and protects the material from external contamination;

  • It does not require a deep foundation or foundation, the minimum cost for installation.

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The main functionality of the Bulktilter® is to tilt standard containers at a slope of up to 45 degrees, aiding in the stacking and spawning of various bulk materials such as plastic pellets and food grains, always with the use of internal liner.

Functioning Principle

Tilting the Container

  • A truck enters under Bulktilter aided by the traffic light system;

  • The container is manually unlocked from the semi-trailer;

  • The operator places the hooks;

  • Through the hydraulic system, the container is lifted up to the point of locking;

  • The container is locked in the movable frame of the Bulktilter;

  • The operator opens the door and engages the liner;

  • Ready to Tilt.

Container Preparation

  • After the product has run out into the liner, the return operation must be performed using the alignment system;

  • Coupling and locking the container in the truck;

  • After that, the truck is prepered for departure.

Container Spawning

  • The unloading of the product is carried out gradually during the inclination of the container;

  • After the end of the flow, the return of the container begins;

  • Coupling and locking the container in the truck;

  • After that, the truck is prepered for departure.


  • Bulktilter receives standardized containers, allowing you to receive from various parts of the world and reduce the cost of freight, as it does not generate cost of return.


  • Equipped with interlocks and NR12 safety devices, it allows totally safe operation;

  • CLP-controlled interlocks eliminate operational failures.

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