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Transils have flexibility for the most varied layouts, adapting easily to possible changes.

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Zeppelin's Transilos are transferable aluminum silos installed on a concrete base that does not require a foundation. They are suitable for vertical and external storage of granular products and provide flexibility in layout by allowing them to be moved within a plant as per the customer's needs.


  • 70m³

  • 86m³

  • 102m³

Why concrete base?

Because of their weight and size, conventional silos are susceptible to winds and sinking, so they need a foundation that drills into the ground to secure it.

These foundations have a high cost of design and implementation and, in the event of a change in the layout, the investment in the civil work is lost, creating new expenses. With this in mind, Zeppelin designed the Transilo, which is installed only on a concrete base also supplied by Zeppelin, which can be transferred, without the need to purchase a new base when transferring the silo to another location.


The concrete base is highly cost-effective, in addition to being easy to install.

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  • Zeppelin Systems strives for quality and tradition in the manufacture of Silos, integrating a worldwide group with more than 100 years of experience.

  • Consult Zeppelin for your future projects and purchase equipment with high technology and excellent quality.

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