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Silos are structures that store large amounts of dry material (in powder or grains) and prevent contamination, both of the material itself and of the environment during handling.

There are many different types of silos and Zeppelin manufactures and assembles all according to the needs of the industry.

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Silos are equipment whose main function is the storage of material without contamination (of both the material and the environment).

Zeppelin silos are specially built for the optimization of our customers' processes.



Our silos are made in aluminium or stainless steel and serve to store the most varied types of products, for example:


  • Polymer Segment: PP, LDPE, PET, PS, PVC, ABS, HDPE;

  • Food Segment: Sugar, Flour, Starches;

  • Segment of Rubbers: Silica and Carbon Black;

Zeppelin Systems’ products are custom with state-of-the-art technology in our modern manufacturing plant located in São Bernardo do Campo, Sp, Brazil and they guarantee the success of your investment.

Zeppelin’s silos are divided into 3 different concepts to simplify our recommendation to clients according to their needs. The concepts are Weld, Bolt and Panel-Tec, and each one of these can be made with a visible(short skirt) or concealed hopper(long skirt).

Short skirt

In the short skirt silos, the discharge cone of the silo is apparent and because of this, they are not directly supported on the floor. This feature allows easy access to all the equipment installed underneath.

Bulk materials are loaded through a pneumatic conveying system to trucks, big bags, bagging stations or octabins as needed.


  • Flexible discharge options;

  • Fast loading.

Silos saia curta.JPG

See the process of installing a silo!


Long Skirt

These are silos that have the discharge cone under the skirt. They can be installed directly on the foundation and are especially suitable for concrete foundations.


  • It does not require an additional support substructure;

  • it has a cleaner look as it can conceal equipment installed under the silo.



Weld Tec

Weld tec silos are made of welded plates both inside and outside the product. In this model, the welding is what guarantees the silo's watertightness. Great solution when it comes to storing products in large quantity, resistant to winds and it's the most common type of silos.


Bolt Tech

Bolt Tec technology allows the silo to be prefabricated at the factory and bolted in the field, totally eliminating the need for welding and without compromising sealing. All parts from the silo can be shipped in containers to anywhere in the world, as there is no need to contract special freight. As it is a simple low-cost mechanical assembly, it can be carried out by its own team or by a local assembly company under the supervision of a Zeppelin technician.

The tightness is guaranteed in this silo by the internal sealing system. It prevents leakage even without using the traditional welding method. This technology was developed in cooperation with several research institutes.


Screwing and placing the silo seal ring


Panel Tec

Used for capacities above 500m³, this type of silo is prefabricated in plates, which are sent to the client and later are bolted on the outside and welded on the inside.Its assembly is easy even in places of difficult access.


The new cone design allows for fast and accurate orientation and alignment of the cone segments. It is no longer needed as weld seams to ensure the optimum flow of bulk material.



As for the silo's roof, you can choose between 3 options available:

  • Standard conical roof at 15° inclination;

  • Conical ceiling 45° / 15°;

  • 35º conical roof with integrated access platform.

All ceilings up to 15º allow circulation. In these cases, the silo roofs are provided with guardrails as well as interconnection walkways in case of silo batteries.

Silo_Logo_Panel Tec.png

Aluminum Silos: the utmost solution

From the proven technology in fabrication to an almost lifetime material guarantee, Zeppelin Systems LA offers the highest industrial standards.

Silos up to 245 m³ are manufactured and assembled at the Zeppelin Systems LA plant.

For larger capacities, Zeppelin recommends Panel-Tec or Bolt-Tec silos that are prefabricated in our plant and assembled in the field.

Cargo Transfer systems: flexibility and efficiency

Zeppelin Systems LA offers personalized solutions for cargo transfer from bulk trucks, sea bulk containers or big bags.

Pneumatic conveying systems reduce costs and material's transfer time.

Reduction of product loss during cargo transfer is another benefit made possible by Zeppelin Systems LA conveying systems.

Silo Management System

Special software enables computerized management from a single silo to a battery of silos or distribution centers, allowing total control of storage capacity, material handling and preparation of blocks.

Quality and Tradition

Zeppelin strives for quality and tradition in the manufacture of silos, where it has its own factory in Brazil.

Consult Zeppelin for your future projects and purchase equipment with high technology and excellent quality.

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