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Special Silos

Silos Especiais


Specially designed for the needs of customers, they are silos that meet specific objectives and for this reason, they are differentiated from ordinary silos. We have as an example blender silos, which have the function of homogenizing the material inside it, in addition to its basic function of storing raw material.


Special silos are all silos that have functions other than storage. Special silos can be made of aluminium or stainless steel. Zeppelin supplies special silos according to the following standards: Centroblend, Circomix, Fluidized Bed, Multiflow, Multpipe and Multichannel.

Homogenization Silos

They mix different layers of product that lie inside, more specifically, when the customer buys the same products from different suppliers, the products have small differences in property and composition that can influence the quality of the final product.

In this case, the homogenization silos use different technologies to mix their content, thus causing the content to leave the silo as a homogeneous mixture, ensuring quality and predictability even with products from different suppliers.

It is important to note that most homogenization silos use the concept of gravity as their main ally, thus generating great energy savings (some homogenization silos for very specific cases require fluidization).

Important point

At this point, it is important to pay attention to the angle of the silo cone and the location of the tubes inside and outside, which are responsible for making the mixture homogeneous. To better explain how a homogenization silo works.

To learn more specifically about the homogenization process click here.

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Fluidized Bed

Silo Zeppelin CentroBlend
Silo Zeppelin CircoMix
Silo Zeppelin Fluidizied Bed




Silo Zeppelin MultiFlow
Silo Zeppelin MultPipe
Silo Zeppelin MultiChanel
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