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Including dosage of dry ingredients, fats and liquids.

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The Codos® System consists of a homogenizer and a kneading machine, including functions for dosing dry ingredients, fats and liquids, generating a final product with quality.

Intelligent Control of Rest Times.

Codos® is a flexible, open design system that enables a quick recipe change through its modular configuration. Ingredients or scrap dough can be flexibly added into the process at various feeding points along the machine, which allows a control of the products' resting time during the process. Sensitive raw materials such as flakes and fruit chunks can, therefore, be added to the dough at the end with minimum deterioration.

Advantages over conventional mass by batches.

  • Continuous optimum product quality;

  • Allows immediate reaction on raw material quality fluctuation;

  • Constant dough temperature;

  • Quick recipe change;

  • Gentle handling of ingredients;

  • Up to 30% energy savings;

  • Increased production line efficiency;

  • Fully automatic operation;

  • Easy to operate.

Combination of Mass Homogenization as per requirements.

Production capacity 500 - 8000 kg/h

Custom Control

The Codos ® is complemented by custom controls.


The first step is to weigh the dry ingredients and mix them. The amount of exact liquids is added and the mass is homogenized by various tools before being sovated.

This way it increases efficiency and reduces energy consumption.

Example of Applications

Fresh baked goods

  • Bread;

  • Rolls;

  • Hamburger buns;

  • Sliced bread;

  • Pita bread;

  • Baguettes;

  • Lye pastry;

  • Ciabatta;

  • Pizza;

  • Tortilhas;

  • Donuts;

  • Croissants.

Baked products with longer shelf life:

  • Cookies and crackers;

  • Snacks;



  • Chocolate cream;

  • Sugar masses;

  • Granola bars.

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