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Tubular Heat


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Tubular heat exchanger, specially designed for the pharmaceutical industry.

Material of construction: stainless steel 316 L

Finishing: Electro-polished - Roughness ≤ 0,4 µRa

Its mechanical concept avoids any chance of contamination. With double mirror.


The tubular heat was specially developed for the pharmaceutical industry. Cools water for injection (WFI) or purified water (PW) from the sterile recirculation temperature of approximately 80º to 90º C to the use temperature, typically between 20º to 40º C.

It can also be used for serum and with heating function


The process ensures no crosscontamination, either by sharp edges or liquid materials stagnation points, according to FDA (Federal agency of the US Department of Health and Human Services), European Pharmacopoeia and cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) concepts.


The Zeppelin tubular heat exchanger is a complete solution, including support as well as all standard pharmaceutical certifications, such asDQ, CQ, IQ,

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