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Two Way Chute

Desvio de fluxo | chute de duas vias projetado para alternar o fluxo de material proveniente de um transportador ou  um silo.


The two way chute is designed to alternate the flow of material between two ways when supplied by a conveyor or silo

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The two-way chute is easy-to-configure and can be of symmetric or asymmetric deviation with different deviation angle options such as 20, 30 or 45 degrees and seven standard sizes available, made with carbon steel or stainless steel, it has a switching plate with fences for product deviation, being able to be driven by a pneumatic actuator, electric motor or manually.

Operating principle

Basically, the equipment works in the following way: After activating the flap selection system (mechanically, pneumatically or manually), one of the sides is closed and sealed, and the other is opened for the product to flow through.


This equipment is designed to diverte the vertical flow of the product to a specific direction, aided by the gravitational force. It is usually installed at the exit of silos and bag filters.


The deviation chute is fit to work with powdered products or grains such as cements and their derivatives, in general of mineral origin, abrasive or not.


Applicable for high operating temperatures.


  • Low maintenance cost;

  • Ease of operation;

  • Excellent value-for-money ratio - increased productivity.

This solution allows for full control of the discharge system which is necessary for the work process, guaranteeing efficiency and safety.

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