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Bucket Elevator

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Equipment for lifting large amounts of grains and powder material.

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The Bucket Elevator is an equipment used for the vertical transportation of solid bulk materials. It is considered the most economical and effective way to lift large quantities of product continuously to great heights, with little or no damage.

Zeppelin has bucket elevators for transporting up to 850m³/h with up to 60m in height, and for larger needs you can consult Zeppelin and we can develop the best solution for each need. They can be built with carbon steel or stainless steel sheets, and come with a actuator head, ducts, self-cleaning system at the bottom and belt or chain with buckets.

The buckets can be supplied in HDPE (antistatic), carbon steel or stainless steel. In the head, the movement is triggered by a pulley mounted on a shaft coupled to a gearmotor and supported on bearings widely dimensioned. To prevent belt return a counter-recoil system is provided.

The ducts are made of double or single parts and have flanged junctions, when necessary, a sailor ladder to access the maintenance platform.


​One of the ducts is provided with doors for access to the belt and buckets. The foot is constructed to prevent the product from being crushed, it incorporates a belt stretching system and a cleaning log, the return pulley and product intake nozzle.


Optionally it can be supplied with systems to monitor any belt misalignment and rotation, and with overflow detection sensor in the head.

When installed in a classified area, the elevator ducts are provided with explosion-relief windows and ducts for directing the flames to the external environment or with relief panels and dampers when installed internally and without the possibility of directing the flames to an unclassified area. The motor can be supplied with explosion protection and the sensors are intrinsically safe.


They are used in agricultural cooperatives, breweries, malt houses, animal feed, mineral, food industries, among others.

Products: malt, lime, cement, coal, plaster, raw flour, among others.

Elevador Geral.JPG


Efficiency combined with speed in material unloading systems.

The Loading of the buckets without deposits at the entrance.

Transport capacities up to 850 m³ / h.

Plastic, carbon steel and stainless steel buckets are available.

Working Principle

The product to be transported is discharged into the elevator’s foot nozzle, which has a squirrel cage type pulley. It is in the foot that the buckets are filled. Through a motorized pulley in the head of the elevator, the belt moves in the vertical direction.

The elevator has ducts where the belt moves internally with the buckets, the product is raised on one side and when it reaches the pulley on the head it is tossed out of the bucket by the centrifugal force of the motion towards the discharge nozzle

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  • Easy maintenance and low cost, long service life and possibility of quick change of wear parts;

  • Even for high capacities, it occupies the least space;

  • Reliability, the equipment is hermetic and can be installed over time without infiltration of moisture from the external environment;

  • Does not generate environmental contamination;

  • Minimum accumulation of product in the foot, due to the self-cleaning system;

  • Ease of maintenance in the upper head, the platform is provided with device to assist in lifting loads;

  • Reliability: in case of breakage of the elevator’s belt the monitoring system sends signal to the PLC that interrupts the process, avoiding long stops to clean the line;

  • Safety: a recoil brake and misalignment sensors ensure operation with preventative protection to the generation of ignition source.


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