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Loading and Unloading Spout

Tromba de Carregamento


Also meets extreme work demands and involving abrasive material. Motorized gear available in various sizes Loading / Unloading capacities up to 250 t/h.

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Loading is a system applied to bulk carriers where the flow of the material is separated from the dust by a system connected to the dust suction.

This equipment is constructed of waterproof material. Its outer sleeve is made of rubber material, giving it greater durability as the aggressions of nature. Internally, there is a duct made of filter material connected in a channel through which the loading powders are collected through a connected system for dust extraction. In this way, the production of dust is reduced, avoiding the contamination of the environment.

Built in metallic carbon steel profiles, it has a hydraulic unit and controls that are fully automated and integrated with PLC and HMI. ​


This equipment can be movable or stationary, depending on the design and the characteristics of each client. Its length in extension is 1400 mm to 6000 mm. ​


There are options in the manual and motorized winch with a level switch for actuation of the lock valve when the charging is complete, thus avoiding the overflow of the vehicle. The equipment can move laterally, allowing greater agility in loading. The nozzle also has, optionally, fluidized heads with built-in filter elements.

Tromba De Carga
Tromba de carregamento


The loading trunk is designed for loading bulk carriers, such as silos trucks, ships and trains.


They are ideal for loading different types of products, such as:

  • Cement;

  • Alumina;

  • Ores;

  • Grains;

  • Particulate materials.

Zeppelin loading trunks are used in ports, rubber industries, cement companies, mining companies, among others.

Functioning Principle

The equipment works with electric or manual drive of the winch that is integrated into the head. ​


The trunk is lowered by a steel cable to the vehicle's entrance mouth, where there is a docking device, and loading is initiated by actuating the opening valve.


Charging starts by activating the opening valve. ​


At the bottom of the trunk, there is a device to trigger the interruption of loading when it is full, usually a level indicator switch. ​


After loading, the valve is activated again and the trunk returns to its retracted state. ​


The suction system is also activated and the generated dust is sucked through the dedusting system.


  • The spout allows charging without the need for vehicle movement.

  • It fits perfectly with the client's project needs.

  • With the option of remote control in the panel, it allows the operation with greater security avoiding contact with the charging process.

  • Operations with dust and dust reduction through a dedusting system.

  • Winch incorporated in the head.

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