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T - Diverter Valve

A válvula de desvio em T é usada para alimentar vários silos e 'bins' por uma única linha de transporte pneumático.

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The T-Diverter valve is used for filling several silos and bins with a one common pneumatic conveying line.

It is mounted directly on the corresponding filling nozzle without any intermediate bends. It is normally not necessary to reinforce the silo roof.


  • This valve is suitable for pneumatic dense and dilute phase conveying systems;

  • Smooth and gap-free transition due to patented design of the inlet and outlet;

  • Single channel design avoids clogging;

  • Pressure-tight from -1.0 up to +6.0 bar(g) to the outside and the non activated leg;

  • High reliability due to its maintenance-free actuator;

  • No additional safety device necessary as there are no moving parts outside the valve;

  • Direct mounting on silo feed nozzle without supports;

  • Direction indicator of the plug is easily visible;

  • Temperature range of the product from -20ºC up to +120ºC and ambient temperature range -20ºC up to +40ºC standard design;

  • All bolts are stainless steel;

  • Flanges easy accessible, no special connections required;

  • Low total weight;

  • Standard design with electrical connections in IP 65;

  • Direct control of plug orientation by proximity switches;

  • Deflection angle 45º in plug and housing.

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