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 Revolving Machine

Maquina Revolvedora Circular.png


The revolving machine has a high capacity to load, turn and unload material in the germination box with constant speed and uniformity.

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Máquina Revolvedora Retangular_P_20210213_093038.jpg

Revolving Machine for rectangular germination box

DRONE MM (18)_Revolvedora Circular_edited.jpg

Revolving Machine for circular germination box


Robust, precise, and easy-to-operate equipment, that requires little operational effort due to its automatic operation, saving time, energy, and labor force.


Zeppelin's revolving machine provides the following benefits:

  • It requires little operational effort due to its automatic operation providing savings in time, energy and labor;

  • A set of Gearmotor is responsible for the turning movement of the augers;

  • The Gearmotor transmits the movement to the shaft through  a spur gear;

  • The shafts, in turn, transmit movement to the snails, through split couplings, also made of stainless steel.

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