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The Batchpump was developed with the pneumatic conveying of abrasive solids in mind.


Due to its compact design, batchpump can easily be installed underneath existing equipment. The high number of cycles ensures high transport rates with ease of installation and operation.


  • Compact and robust equipment;

  • Made of carbon steel;

  • Transports abrasive solids in dense phase at low speed;

  • Operates in high pressure ranges


  • Low compressed air and energy consumption;

  • Takes up little space;

  • Fully automated;

  • CE safety standard;

  • Easy operation and installation;

  • Parallel application of multiple Batchpumps for continuous operation;

  • Lower investment costs and short-term deployment;

  • Can be installed in daisy chain(in series) configuration for multiple dust collection points;

  • Replacement of your transport system without grid relocation of tubes.


The Batchpump operates under the same concept as the pressure vessel. Receiving the material through its upper part, with filling controlled by one or more valves (generally, one is used to control the material dosage and another for sealing, preventing depressurization by the material inlet).

After closing the isolation valves, pressurization is initiated through the injection of compressed pressurized air, promoting and driving the start of pneumatic transport.

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