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BT Rotary Valve

Valvula BT


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The BT (Blow Through) Rotary Valve has a pneumatic ejector for the outlet of material embedded in the valve body.


One thing to pay attention to with this type of valve is that they cannot be placed in series (one ejector will overload the other, so it is recommended to install rotary valves with normal ejectors).


  • ​It works in a wide temperature range between -10 ° C to + 60 ° C;

  • Possibility of aluminium, stainless steel and cast iron housing;

  • The rotor with its 12 chambers minimizes air leaks;

  • Equipped with self-lubricating bearings;

  • Direct drive by gearmotor.


  • Compact and robust construction (no pneumatic ejector);

  • Circular material inlet flange (no need for transition parts);

  • Circular material inlet and outlet flanges, allowing direct connection to fixed tubing or flexible hoses through quick couplings;

  • Easy access to accessories and spare parts;

  • Maintenance of the drive is simple and clean, it does not require periodic adjustments as in a chain drive;

  • Dedusting system integrated into the valve housing (dispensing with additional devices);

  • Mounting support integrated with the equipment.


The BT Rotary Valve is indicated for places where there is a height limitation, and also for materials that compact with some ease, such as, for example, cohesive or wet materials that impair the transport capacity when dosed by conventional rotary valves.


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