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Y - Diverter Valve

Válvula de Desvio Y.png

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The Y-Diverter valve is used especially for diverting the bulk material flow in pneumatic dense and dilute phase conveying systems.

The patented design of the plug enables application in any conveying direction.


  • Suitable for pneumatic dense and dilute phase conveying systems;

  • Smooth transition due to patented geometric design of the inlet and outlet;

  • Single-channel design avoids clogging;

  • Pressure tight from - 1.0 up to + 6.0 bar (g) to the outside and the non-activated leg;

  • High reliability based on maintenance-free actuator;

  • Solid temperature range from - 20ºC up to + 120ºC and ambient temperature range - 20ºC up to + 40ºC for standard design;

  • No additional safety device is necessary as there are no moving parts outside the valve;

  • Easy installation in all orientations because of integrated cast flanges and supports;

  • Direct control of plug orientation by proximity switches;

  • The easily visible direction orientator;

  • All bolts in stainless steel;

  • Flanges easy accessible, no special connections are required;

  • Low total weight;

  • Standard design with electrical connections in IP65;

  • Deflection angle 45º.

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