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Mobile Dedusting Unit

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Developed for many different areas, the movable dedusting unit has been designed to solve sporadic problems in air pollution control.


  • The equipment can be assembled inside standard containers;

  • Easy relocation and installation;

  • Emissions within the regulations permissible by law;

  • Transportation by truck without the need for a special license;

  • Powder extraction system through motorized conveying screw;

  • Easy acess for maintenance and replacement of filtering elements.


  • 20 ft or 40 ft HC models;

  • Filter elements made of polyester;

  • Automatic cleaning systems that utilize compressed air;

  • Motorized conveying screw made of carbon steel;

  • Centrifugal fan with performance motor;

  • Integrated power and command panel;

  • Flanged nozzle for polluted air intake.


  • Filtering elements for high temperature;

  • Bag cleaning through intelligent controller (intelli filter) reduces compressed air consumption;

  • Installation of pneumatic transport systems for dust removal in the unit.

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