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Flow thru Scale


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The Flow  thru Scale is composed of a trio of hoppers, being:

  • Storage and upper flow compartment;

  • Intermediate weighing hopper and;

  • Lower discharge hopper

The set is controlled by a very efficient control and weighing system with a simple interface with HMI screen and possibility of monitoring in remote supervision in a control room.

Capacity and Volume


1000 to 55,000 liters per hour (L/h);



50 to 250L per batch.


  • Controlling the reception of raw materials;

  • Monitoring and measuring mass flow in the different solid bulk handling processes;

  • Dosing product batches for recipes in various industry processes;

  • Dosing the transfer and continuous shipment or fixed loads of final bulk product;

  • Continuous weighing of material, without interruption of workflow.

Application in:

  • Chemical and Petrochemical Industry;

  • Food Industry;

  • Feed Factories;

  • Breweries and Malt-houses;

  • Fertilizer Industry;

  • Cerealists in general.


The automatic flow-thru scale ensures controlled weighing and dosing in a wide range of bulk products with high accuracy.

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HMI Panel

Equipment in different perspectives.

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