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Dry Powder Sampler



It is best suited for pellet bulk material

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The MPN Sampler is manufactured with a cast iron housing, carbon steel or stainless steel lance, and is adjustable for continuous or discontinuous operations, according to the need for application in the project. ​


The equipment has a head that is "washed" with a new product, in a closed position, preventing the accumulation of material. The collector probe can be directly controlled using the proximity sensor. ​


The supply of this equipment by Zeppelin Systems L.A. is accompanied by the material collection piping, cables already connected to the control box and standard design with electrical connections in IP 65.


  • Versatile equipment, since it operates with a solids temperature range of -20 ° C to + 80 ° C and ambient temperature between -20 ° C to + 40 ° C for the standard design.

  • Connection with flange DN 50 / DN 100, which fits the equipment in global standards.

  • Highly reliable as it is virtually maintenance-free.

  • The Zeppelin collector is flexible equipment since it operates with continuous or discontinuous flow materials, according to requirements.

  • Guarantee of safety in the operation, because there are no external moving parts, making it disengaged of additional safety devices.

  • Great cost-benefit ratio due to low maintenance costs.


To learn more about the dry powder sampler click here.


It is used to collect samples from moving or stationary material at specific points (depressurized) in the conveying system for further testing. ​


The equipment is capable of operating with a wide range of powder and granular products that are easy to flow, and can be connected to the piping of materials, or in silos, through a pneumatic probe that extracts samples of materials at rest or in movement , in a vertical direction.


The Zeppelin MPN Sampler is widely indicated for operations with abrasive materials and heavy jobs.

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