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Cleaning Machine

A máquina de limpeza realiza o peneiramento de grãos e farinha


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The cleaning machine performs the sifting of grains and flour of different sizes for high-efficiency control and fine separation, with interchangeable sieves.


  • Screening dustproof box;

  • Excellent sieving quality (screening);

  • Good sifting quality;

  • Service free of dust because of the attached sieve box;

  • Wide range of adjustment of the sieve movement, thus allowing good;

  • sifting quality even with thick products;

  • Easy assembly;

  • No vibration transmissions to the building;

  • Minimal maintenance;

  • Compact size;

  • Protection grids to guarantee the physical integrity of the user, complying with the NR12 standard.


  • Equipment designed to separate dirt and dust from grain;

  • Two screens mounted on a metal dustproof box;

  • Screens oscillation by eccentric rotation;

  • Box with airtight lid allows for easy substitution of screens;

  • Output device with adjustable suction to remove light impurities;

  • Inspection window;

  • Robust construction of carbon steel and paint finishing.

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