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Grain, Malt and Breweries


Zeppelin offers the best solutions for storing dry bulk materials.

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Receiving of malt

A modern receiving system sends the grain from the truck directly to the material's conveying system, avoiding environmental polution and any sort of contamination during the receiving process. Technology combined with Zeppelin's experience.

Horizontal and vertical conveyors

Chain conveyors or bucket elevators, made of carbon steel or stainless steel, both with a self-cleaning system. The elevators are equipped with a continuous control system for chain alignment and operating speed.

Malt storage - Large silos with optional load cells

Another innovation in the storing area: silos can be equipped with load cells that allow for continuous control of the stored, received and processed material on-line, all the time. Your reliable inventory control at your fingertips.

Malt Houses

Zeppelin also supplies complete malt houses with all possible configurations, including flat or cylindro-conical steeps, rectangular or circular germination boxes, all kind of kilns, using different heating sources available in the market.

Malt processing

For this item, Zeppelin supplies the newest and most modern equipment available in the market, comprising cleaning machines, stone separators, daily silos, screw conveyors, bag filters, mills, and loading spouts for truck bulk material loading. This allows for ground malt to be fed precisely by stainless steel screw conveyors into the decoction room.

Automation and control

A modern automation system completes the supply. The control system is tailor-made and guarantees totally automatic and reliable operation of the plant. The system is completely integrated with other sectors of the plant.

Technology and vast experience

Quality according to international standards, highly specialized personnel, our own engineering department and an experienced technical team for assembly at the site and customer service.

Fabrication: state-of-the-art-technology

Storage and handling systems are fabricated in the modern facilities of Zeppelin, located in São Bernardo do Campo. SP, Brazil.

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