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The Automalt is a micro malting-house developed to meet the needs of those seeking to produce common or special types of malt.


  • Up to 15 tons per batch;

  • Up to 620 tons per year.


  • Components in contact with the product are all made of stainless steel;

  • Automated controls with PLC and SCADA system;

  • Humid transport via a centrifugal pump between the maceration tank and the germination chamber;

  • Tailings disposal system in the steeping tank;

  • Irrigation system in germination;

  • Automatic revolving system.


  • Flexibility: The equipment can be used to carry out the malting process of various cereals;

  • High thermal efficiency: The reuse of the insufflated air in the chamber results in a significant reduction in energy costs;

  • Easy operation and costs reduction are guaranteed due to the sophisticated automation implemented in this equipment;

  • Modular expansion: This equipment was developed with expansion in mind. Any subsequent module acquired can be easily integrated with just a few modifications to the original structure;

  • Space savings: The processes of germination and drying are performed in the same chamber, ensuring better use of the space occupied.

Malt Houses

Zeppelin also provides complete malt houses with all possible configurations, including flat-bottomed or cylindrical-cone macerators, rectangular or circular germinators, kiln of all models, heated with several fuels available on the market.

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