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Round Diverter for Convenying Pads

Desviador de Calha Circular


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The Gutter Diverter Valve allows the flow of material to be directed to a lateral fluidized gutter.

It is installed between transport chutes that allows new food discharge points. In addition to the path, it can, by means of pneumatic or motorized medication, divert the flow of dry material to the right or left depending on the installation configuration.


It has different sizes in normal or elevated profile to meet the different transport capacities of the rails.

The diverter valve allows a diversion with high tightness and zero contamination between different products.


The Diverter Valve transports the same products transported by the transport chute as:

  • cement;

  • raw flour;

  • slag;

  • aluminium oxide;

  • nickel ore;

  • calcined nickel powder;

  • sinter powder;

  • coal dust, etc.


  • Capacity from 10 m³/h to 2000 m³/h;

  • Manufacturing material: carbon steel;

  • Version for high temperature and/or hazardous area;

  • High profile for greater capacity;

  • Configurable left/right offset;

  • Watertightness;

  • Prevents contamination of product batches.

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