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Brewing and Malting

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Zeppelin Systems provides complete malting plants ready to receive, grade and store the barley for mashing, germination and drying processes.

At Zeppelin, we have a highly specialized team with state-of-the-art technology to implement mechanical, electrical and automation projects. We ensure the high-quality standards in the equipment supplied and in the training.

Complete Line

See the complete range of equipment for malt houses and raw materials handling for breweries.

  • Mechanical and pneumatic conveyors;

  • Flat bottomed or conventional steep tanks;

  • Round or rectangular germination boxes;

  • Kilns for malt with heating and heat recovering systems;

  • Determination systems;

  • Final cleaning and dispatch of malt to breweries;

  • Control panels and supervisory systems;

  • Complete dedusting systems;

  • Cooling systems;

  • Assembly, commissioning, start-up and technical assistance;

  • Spare parts and training;

  • Debottlenecking and revamping of existing lines.

To learn more about handling solutions for malt houses, click here

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