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Screw Pump



The pneumatic conveying of bulk materials in pipelines is carried out mainly by use of air at overpressure.

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Equipment used in pneumatic transport for abrasive bulk products such as cement, lime, coal dust, lime, fly ash, raw flour, among others (under request) under extreme conditions and diluted phase with low pulsation with capacities over 250 ton / h.


Made of cast iron, it serves different sizes with capacities of up to 250 ton / h. ​


It has an internal thread screw that performs a self-sealing effect preventing the counter flow of supply air, the thread can be coated with carbide to work with highly abrasive materials. ​


The sealing system of the shaft with the housing is through a pneumatic seal. The housing is provided with a wear bushing and its mixer head has parts that can be assembled at different angles according to the layout of the pipe. ​


Equipped with a pressure gauge frame for measuring pressure levels on the pneumatic seal, in the air and transport line, driven directly by the engine through coupling, with shockproof version (optional).


  • Available in different sizes to meet the required demand;

  • Easy adaptation in the assembly of the equipment;

  • Proven durability with abrasive products;

  • It provides regularity and reliability in the process;

  • Long life sealing system;

  • Low maintenance cost;

  • Great value for the price;

  • Economic drive system free of belts, pulleys or gears;

  • Prevents the flow of air in the product feed in the equipment;

  • Safe equipment that guarantees the physical integrity of the installation and of the people.

Functioning principle

For the feeding of the pump, a milling is usually placed on the intake nozzle and, depending on materials with an extremely low apparent specific weight, rotary valves are used.The material that enters the pump is carried by a thread to a mixing chamber, where a jet of air draws the material to the transport line. The transport air is introduced through an ejector. In general, the compressed air for transport is supplied by compressors and, depending on the characteristics of the system and the transport material, Roots type blowers can be used.

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