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Aeroslide / Conveying Pads


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Equipment that uses fluidization for transport dry material materials (bulk or powder), providing an economical and high quality transport. ​


The aeroslide conveyor is the most economical pneumatic transport system for transporting dry products, with good fluidity and low granulometry.

Functioning Principle

The selection of the fluidization screen is based on the product temperature, that is, until temperatures used of 120ºC, polyester fabric is used and above this temperature up to 300ºC is the Aramid-Nomex fabric.


The aeroslide conveyor requires installation with a horizontal inclination of 4 to 10 degrees, taking advantage of the gravitational force to propel the fluidized solid material.


The air chamber (bottom) is fluidized with low pressure air through the use of a centrifugal fan. The air passes through the fluidization screen and surrounds the product, thus giving a liquid-like property. The use of the centrifugal fan is due to the fact that the air is oil-free and clean.


The aeroslide conveyor is composed of three components:

  • Inner tube (bottom);

  • Fluidization screen;

  • Transport chamber (top).


The aeroslide conveyors are normally used in the extraction of bag filters, the extraction of electrostatic precipitators, the transfer or feeding of silos or hoppers and the feeding of silos with anti-segregation systems.


The most common products transported are: cement, flour, slag, alumina, nickel ore, calcined nickel powder, sinter powder, coal powder, among many others. The transport chute is an efficient, wear-free system, with low operating cost and low energy consumption. To learn more about our transport chute, click here.

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