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Movable Intern Units


Used to store small volumes of powder or grain material, which can be moved on rollers or by forklift. Ideal for machines with individual feeder.


Developed to meet the most varied needs within a company that handles powdered or granulated raw materials.


Indicated for supplying machines that have manual feeders through negative pressure (vacuum). ​


The feeding process can be from bags, big bags or from silos.

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This mobile hopper can be moved with ease, as it has castors and also allows displacement by forklifts.

It is also provided with a level display, which allows you to visualize not only the quantity of product in the IMU, but also the characteristics and quality of the stored product.

The IMU can be developed in a variety of configurations, upon request.


Capacity 1 and 2m³, larger capacity on request, made of aluminum or stainless steel.

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