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Henschel / MTI Mixer

Os HENSCHEL-Mixers® Zeppelin são equipados com um sistema flexível


Zeppelin Systems mixers ensure a process without product contamination or leaks. In addition to being easy-to-clean.

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Os HENSCHEL-Mixers® tem o princípio de mistura único para homogeneização intensiva do produto completo.

Mixers Henschel

With HENSCHEL-Mixers® , Zeppelin is setting the standards for mixing technology. In the plastics, chemicals, paint and varnish industries, as well as in the food sector, our mixing expertise is exceptional.


We offer the right solution for your mixing tasks, in terms of process, handling, and processing.


Since 2009, HENSCHEL-Mixers® has been part of leading international plant engineering company Zeppelin.

Henschel® Mixers have set the standards in mixing technology for over 60 years and are one of the world's best known equipment in the plastics industry. In addition to plastic polymer processing, our mixers are also used in the chemical, food, lacquer, paint, pigment and cosmetic industries.

Not only do Henschel container mixers guarantee contamination-free production, they also offer outstanding options for extremely high-speed cleaning with no residues left behind.

Our mixers meet international standards and feature special explosion-protection measures to ensure outstanding safety.

Os HENSCHEL-Mixers® utilizam recipientes retornáveis transportáveis para uma variedade de aplicações.

MTI Mixers

MTI has been a leading international manufacturer of mixing and processing machines for high throughput rates since 1975. It is renowned for its high quality and performance.

Our Vertical Mixers, Horizontal Mixers and Heating/Cooling Mixer Combinations are doing a great job all over the world in the plastics and chemical industries.

In addition, we have the expertise and the experience to develop a whole range of customized solutions to satisfy the needs of our partners in a wide variety of Industrial sectors.

As an owner-managed family business, we attach major importance to short paths of communication, quick reactions and outstanding quality. We manufacture all our mixing systems exclusively in Germany at our site in Detmold. With an export quota of over 80%, MTI is well-positioned globally.

MTI mixers have been the benchmark for attaining maximum specific throughput, outstanding reliability and unsurpassed service life for more than 40 years. All MTI mixers are manufactured with high precision and from high-quality materials. Customized mixers are created from 15 to 36 assemblies with up to 6,000 machine parts, equipped with state-of-the-art control electronics in accordance with current European safety regulations.

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