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Rotary Valve - Type MDS

Válvula Rotativa MDS é instalada em um sistema industrial, oferecendo desempenho eficiente no controle

The Rotary Feeder has two fundamental functions, product dosing and pressure isolation.


Zeppelin MDS Rotary Feeders are widely used for dosing powdered or granular materials and also for isolating environments with differential pressure.


They are usually installed below hoppers, weighing scales, silos, filters or cyclones and allow for detailed volumetric control of the product.


Rotary Feeders are capable of dosing dry products of homogeneous granulometry through a rotor divided into chambers.


The product coming from the equipment installed above it, flows to the bottom of the valve by the movement of the rotor, carried out continuously and promoting a regular flow of product.

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Zeppelin Rotary Feeders can be manufactured in aluminium, stainless steel or cast iron, with rotors in sizes 200/250/320/400/500 or 630 mm and manufactured in stainless steel.


Drill pattern of flanges according to ANSI 150# or DIN 2501 PN 10. And pressure differential limit of 1.5 bar (g).


It has the capacity range:

  • For Powder version from 4.0 to 124.5 m3/h and;

  • For Pellets version from 4.0 to 172.5 m3/h.



  • Dosing: Allows a volumetric control of the material to be transported (dust, grains, fine materials, high temperature or abrasive products), in a measured and reliable way.

  • Sluice: Allows isolating the entrance of a high-pressure system, restricting the passage of air or gas, but freeing the passage of solids in the opposite direction to the pressure gradient.


  • They absorb any process fluctuations;

  • No need for cooling or heating of the solid product, due to its ability to operate at temperatures from -10º C to +60º C, in standard execution;

  • Reliable and explosion-proof equipment;

  • Its built-in baffles in the housing ensure the filling of the rotor chambers, thus ensuring functionality and high performance in the process;

  • For versions intended for powdered products, the valve has the top of the bevelled fins, which reduces the adhesion of the material between the rotor and the housing, and with its friction, avoiding possible valve jamming;

  • All Zeppelin rotary Feeders have self-lubricating bearings, which facilitate maintenance, as they do not need to be greased periodically.

Válvula Rotativa MDS com acabamento em aço inoxidável, projetada para controle de fluxo de materiais sólido
Close-up de uma Válvula Rotativa MDS, destacando suas aletas internas e estrutura robusta para uso em sistemas industriais
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