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Air Generation Unit

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Transils have flexibility for the most varied layouts, adapting easily to possible changes


Zeppelin Systems' air-generating unit has been developed to serve pneumatic and fluidized transport systems in order to provide air to an acceptable standard for the quantity of water, oil and temperature reduction of the fluid (air) resulting from a compression process. ​


Versatile due to its mobility, easy installation with quick coupling system, including acoustic cabin, temperature reduction through the heat exchanger. Allows feeding and control of rotary valve for the transport system.

The air generation unit is used in the most varied industrial areas, obtaining performance far beyond what is desired.

Eliminate the problem of water and oil coming from large compressed air networks and make use of equipment that will end problems with clogging of pneumatic conveying lines, saturation of fluidizing elements and physical and chemical changes generated by heating.

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  • Versatile due to its mobility, robustness and reduced dimensions;

  • Easy installation with connection of the integrated panel to a power point and connection to the air consumption point through a hose with quick coupling;

  • Compact construction on a car easily movable by any traction vehicle;

  • Blower equipped with acoustic cabin providing low noise level;

  • Simple maintenance due to easy access to equipment;

  • Eliminates large stretches of fixed piping for air distribution, due to its mobility;

  • Air temperature reduction through high-performance air / air heat exchangers;

  • Allows feeding and control of rotary valve for the transport system.

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