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Tracemat® is synonymous with traceability, reliability, accuracy and clean operation without waste, these benefits ensure total safety in weighing micro-ingredients and better productivity to the process.


The Tracemat® consists of a carrousel for raw materials. The integrated control system keeps a precise log for each ingredient used in the mixture, guaranteeing exact composition and origin of each charge, completely flexible and error-proof.

RMC - Raw Material Carousel

Carousel of small dry components.

Carousel for small dry components. Programming for up to 24 ingredients in a single recipe, in the following versions:

As it is national equipment, the acquisition of spare parts is easier and there is the possibility to use Finame resources.

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The recipes are inserted in the operating system of the PLC making it possible to determine the acceptable tolerance for each ingredient, with maximum accuracy of 1g, forcing the equipment to weigh within these parameters.

At the end of weighing the set of ingredients that make up the recipe, an interconnected printer will print a barcode label, this label allows you to track the entire weighing process as ingredients, specified weight, actual weight executed, the time when the recipe was composed, operator name/code and batch.

With this new equipment, Tracemat®, the whole micro-ingredient process is traceable and, besides, there are no losses of raw materials. The operation room, where the weighing takes place, is extremely clean and organized (all ingredients in one place). As the operator cannot make mistakes while weighing recipes, a first-class final product is granted.

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