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Manufacture of Aluminium Boats

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Zeppelin provides the customer with a result of high reliability and durability.

Consistent quality is a fundamental requirement for Zeppelin processes.

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Aluminum naval structures

Aluminium naval structures offer indispensable quality for your project.


Zeppelin is known for its excellence in manufacturing aluminium parts. It has a high production plant environment, is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, and has highly specialized and qualified professionals.


Zeppelin provides the client with a result of high reliability and durability.

Manufacture according to design

  • Manufacturing according to the customer's detailed drawing;

  • Sheet metal manufacturing and welding for large equipment;

Special Alloy Welds

  • Stainless steel;

  • Duplex;

  • Super Duplex and;

  • Aluminum 1050 / 5052 / 5083 /5454 / 6061 / 6063.

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High-Quality Manufacturing

  • Qualified professionals;

  • Certified procedures, traceable equipment and consumables;

  • High-quality manufacturing assured;

  • Synergic welding machines (PWM) for heavy equipment;

  • Complete tooling and electrical distribution panels for field welding.

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International quality service Zeppelin

  • Complete projects;

  • Complete engineering;

  • Assembly supervision;

  • Start-up;

  • Training;

  • After-sales services and permanent technical assistance;

  • Spare parts;

  • Manufacture under design.


  • Welding procedures according to ASME IX or AWS made by ​Qualified and certified welders;

  • Qualified inert gas and consumables qualification;

  • Material traceability;

  • ISO 9001:2018;

  • Quality assurance;

  • Complete training qualification and certification of all fitters and welders;

  • Certificate ZA 3.2 e ZA 3.4 acc. to EN 1090 – 1:2009 + A1:2011.

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Quality Control and Compliance and Certification

  • Non-destructive testing by specialised internal personnel; 

  • Inspectors qualified by Petrobras / ASNT / ABEND / FBTS; 

  • Non-destructive tests with penetrating fluid by ultrasound;

  • Certified hydrostatic tests;

  • Certified dimensional tests;

  • Certified weld inspection;

  • Certified paint inspection.

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