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Silo with Inverted Cone

Silo Cone Invertido.PNG


Inverted cone technology for cement, fly-ash, ground limestone, alumina and raw clinker.

Application and Features

Storage and handling of bulk in powder form with maximum extraction efficiency, homogenization and minimum energy consumption.

Zeppelin handling and extraction systems are known for:

  • High reliability;

  • Low maintenance costs;

  • High productivity.


The inverted cone grants uniform material levels and extraction efficiency of up to 99%.


A reduced silo profile allows for lower foundation costs. Optimized space through discharge equipment installed under the cone. High extraction capacities. On a rotating basis, fluidized pads move the material around so that perfect homogenizing is obtained. Controlled silo discharge by dosing device and/or modulation of fluidized areas.

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Modules are available in 2 configurations:

  • Basic: Allows quick and complete extraction of an inverted cone with maximum level control.

  • ​Modular: Dosing and measuring devices, continuously control the extraction volume from the silo.

Silo de Cone Invertido_1.png
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