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Fluidized conveying chute

Fluidized conveying systems for dry bulk raw materials

Conveying chutes have two chambers, one for materials transportation and one for fluidizing purpose. They are installed in a 4º to 10º slope, so that gravity force helps conveying procedure and minimizes energy consumption.

Correct dimensioning, layout and choice of components reflect Zeppelin Systems Latin America' engineering experience when supplying systems through conveying chutes to major clients.

Main applications:

- Extraction from bag filters;
- Extraction from electrostatic precipitators;
- Transfer or feeding between silos;
- Extraction of silos;
- Feeding of anti-segregation systems.

Among others, the following materials can be conveyed:

- Cement/Limestone/Slug/Flour;
- Alumina;
- Nickel ore/Calcined nickel;
- Sinter dust;
- Fly ash;
- Coal Dust.


- Conveying capacity from 100kg/h to 3000 t/h;
- Material delivery to different points;
- Low investment costs;
- Low energy consumption;
- Reliable and versatile system.

For more than 40 years, Zeppelin Systems Latin America, ISO 9001 certified, offers the best storage, flow control and handling solutions for dry bulk materials.

Zeppelin Systems Latin America is committed to its clients and their requirements.

Whenever your concern is the handling of dry bulk materials, don't hesitate to contact Zeppelin Systems Latin America application engineers.

Crianças admirando a vista

Crianças admirando a vista

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