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Fluidized cone

The fluidized cone is the correct solution to extract not free-flowing products because it allows for a smooth and complete discharge of the product.

Many years of experience, backed up by major customers, among which the major rubber producers worldwide, approved Zeppelin, a German company present around the world for more than 100 years and in Brazil for more than 42 years, as a competent partner with excellent know-how in this area.

Complete solutions for rubber plants.

Zeppelin Systems Latin America has the experience and the right team to carry out:
- Local fabrication of equipment;
- Technical assistance at the site;
- Skilled workforce;
- Supervision of assembly and installation;
- Supervision of startup industrial plants.

From conceiving to installation of an industrial plant, Zeppelin Systems LA coordinates and executes its activities in a fast and professional manner while complying with all customers' requirements.

When unloading big bags of solid bulk materials, the fluidized cone helps to discharge the product into the rotary valve or dosing screw. The fluidized cone is equipped with a semi-permeable tissue that avoids that the product gets in touch with the cone walls, yet allows for the passage of air used for the materials' fluidization in order to be completely discharged.

Rely on Zeppelin Systems LA! Grant your success whether you need an alteration, expansion or even a new plant.

Crianças admirando a vista

Crianças admirando a vista
Crianças admirando a vista
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