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Centro Blend

Continuous and batch-wise blending and homogenizing of bulk solids


- For solids with easy to poor flowability (plastic powders, recycling materials, pellets, flowable elastomers).


- Vertical central blending pipe with intake openings at different levels;
- Cylindrical blending chamber.

Systems' description:

Through the intake openings, solids are withdrawn simultaneously from a multitude of layers from the annular space and let into a central blending pipe. The number and size of the intake openings are determined under consideration of the geometry of the blender and flow properties of the bulk solids.

By baffles of different sizes, which are installed above the intake openings, equal amounts of solids will be withdrawn from all layers.

The stream of solids coming via the central blending pipe into the cylindrical blending chamber is mixed with the solids released by annular slot.


- No negative influence on the blending process (no product build-up, no stagnant zones) - due to the smooth surfaces of the inclined baffles;
- Consequent design for mass flow;
- Easy integration in the production process as the blender can be used for continuous and batch-wise blending;
- High blending efficiency due to simultaneous withdrawal of solids from multiple layers;
- For many blending applications, a single pass is enough, especially when the blender content is composed of a high number of individual batches;
- Further improvement of the product's homogeneity is possible by external re-circulation of the solids.

Crianças admirando a vista

Crianças admirando a vista
Crianças admirando a vista
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