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Delivery Policies

Delivery Policies



The shipping method you have chosen is the post office, a PAC or FedEx method
Or carrier depending on the equipment.

Where is my order?

The transfer phase is recorded in your tracking, if you do not know how to track it, we have a field for tracking in our help center according to the selected shipping method.


Delivery times are counted from the first business day following the postage and vary according to the place of origin and destination of the post.
For purposes of counting the delivery time, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are not considered working days.
Posting occurring after the postage deadline (DH), 1 (one) business day will be added to the standard delivery deadline. To obtain prices and services provided under contract.

Where is my order?

Your term starts from the moment your order is invoiced, we remind you that shipping is on business days (not counting holidays and weekends), delays may occur if your delivery occurs. We remind you that we have a period of separation of 2 working days to send your order.

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