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Dry Powder

Bulk materials handling, powdered or in pellets

Zeppelin Systems Latin America offers single components, systems and complete projects for handling, storage and pneumatic conveying of dry bulk materials, powdered or in pellets.

Main products:
Silos and tanks, homogenizing silos (blenders), Transilo ® (movable silos), fluidized cones and pneumatic conveying in dilute phase through valves and in dense phase by pressure vessels.

Main industries:
Chemical and petrochemical, cement and minerals, plastic and PVC processors, rubber and tires, foods, breweries, etc.

Complete automation, supervisory system, engineering, supervision of assembly on site, supervision of startup, technical assistance, spare parts, training and Test Center for customers. Materials handling with container tilting unit (Bulktilter®). Loading spout for trucks.

Rotary valves, diverter valves, dosing valves, gate valves, safety valves (under-over pressure).

​Dedusting systems, filters, elutriators and cyclones, samplers.

Air generating unit, fix and mobile.

Systems for level and weight control, scales for powders and liquids.

Zeppelin Systems Latin America is a reliable partner for your success! - The best handling solutions for dry bulk materials, either powdered or in pellets, for your specific needs!

Crianças admirando a vista

Crianças admirando a vista

Fluidization system - silo bottom

Crianças admirando a vista
Crianças admirando a vista

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