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Continuous weighing



Integrated fluidized standby hopper for complete and quick discharge.

Quick and precise results in weighing systems.

Scale equipped with load cells and protection structure against ambient vibrations.

Short production cycles and high productivity with complete discharge of the components to the mixer.

The weighing system is equipped with filters in order to avoid powder emission to the environment, minimizing material's losses as well.

The cleaning of the filter, integrated to the scale, takes place during discharge and no residual materials will remain in the weighing system.

The decision about which system should be installed to feed the scale is the starting point for the project and is based on three principles, i.e.:

- Feeding through positive pressure conveying;
- Feeding through pressure vessel conveying;
- Feeding by gravity (directly from day-bins through dosing screws).

This last system is considered a continuous system because when the scale is discharging to the standby hopper, the day-bin is already prepared for a new weighing.

- Option for automatically calibrated operation.

A standby hopper or weighing control hopper avoids delays in the mixer's cycles, injecting the already weight material at the required time.

Rely on Zeppelin Systems Latin America! Your weighing system for solids will operate with precision and according to your needs.

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