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Batch weighing



Weighing system for carbon black, silica, zinc oxide, oil, small components, etc..

Full handling of raw materials for rubber manufacture, including receiving, conveying, storage, weighing and dosing.

- Scales of different sizes ensure that the weighing of each batch meets with the client's needs.
- Zeppelin Systems LA ensures highest accuracy, repeatability and traceability of the product.
- Complete Solution - equipment manufacturing, installation, maintenance and technical assistance.
- Zeppelin Systems LA's control system ensures full reliability.
- Zeppelin Systems SA Test Center allows for developing specific concepts adapted to the client's specific needs.

Zeppelin Systems LA offers:

- National fabrication of equipment;
- Team of over 30 engineers;
- Technical assistance on site;
- Reduced delivery time;
- International technology;
- High productivity;
- Low maintenance cost;
- Best cost-effective ratio.

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