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Small problems - Great solutions



Pastificio Selmi, holder of the brands Renata and Galo, are expanding their plant in Sumaré, estate of São Paulo.

In expansion processes, bottlenecks are a frequently arising problem; some problems have great impact while others can be solved easily.

Zeppelin Systems / Reimelt have large experience in presenting solutions; many times the company is seen as a provider for all kind of solutions.

It is important to have in mind that Zeppelin Systems / Reimelt can help improving productivity, liability, traceability and logistics by providing small solutions that bring great final results.

Because of their need to improve the existing pneumatic conveying system, Pastificio Selmi trusted the state-of-the-art technology that Zeppelin Systems / Reimelt offers and acquired diverter valves type “V” with rotary plug with seal, which can be inflated in case powdered materials are used.

This sealing is leakage tight, so that no air from the inactive conveying line is lost. Consequently productivity increases and operational costs decline.

These valves are practically maintenance free and one of the most advanced equipment worldwide. They are fabricated in Zeppelin Systems / Reimelt’s shop in São Bernardo do Campo, SP, same as nearly all of its equipment.

Zeppelin Systems / Reimelt are proud for the opportunity to help Selmi and remain at their entire disposal to come up with solutions for problems of any size.

Ricardo B. Santos

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