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Lanxess relies on the quality and technology of Zeppelin Systems LA to equip its new unit in Porto Feliz



LANXESS – a german multinational company that is the leader in chemical specialties – has one of its production units in the city of Porto Feliz - SP.

The company was created in 2004 and with a reorganization of some areas of the Bayer AG Group. Today, 10 years later, it has around 16900 collaborators in 31 countries and its products are developed in 48 production units all over the world. In Brazil the company has more than 1100 collaborators, besides five factories, a laboratory, and an administrative office.

LANXESS's main business is the development, manufacture and marketing of plastics, rubber and intermediates as well as specialty chemicals.

In Porto Feliz, in the interior of São Paulo state, LANXESS has three production units. The oldest of them produces inorganic iron oxide-based pigments, used mainly in the paint and civil construction segments. The other produces bladders and vulcanization additives for the pneumatic industry and the most recent one manufactures engineering plastic.

To be part of the investment in the new production unit (engineering plastic), LANXESS hired the services of Zeppelin Systems Latin America.

All equipment had the quality, technology and efficiency of employees, who delivered in a few months most of the equipment, such as:

• Handling of raw materials in bulk;
• Steel structures for moving raw materials and for the composites line;
• Gravimetric dosing system;
• Handling of the final product and silos for the finished product;
• Filling & bagging;
• Mixing and drying system with metallic structure
• Electrical equipment;
• Dust extraction;
• Electrical installation & wiring;
• Engineering & documentation.

Zeppelin Systems Latin America is proud to have participated in this important project and congratulates LANXESS for its investment and confidence in Zeppelin quality.

You can always count on the excellent solutions from Zeppelin Systems LA!

Ricardo Borges dos Santos

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