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Zeppelin Systems Latin America has been awarded with a contract to supply “Bulk materials receiving, storage and pneumatic conveying systems for ground limestone” and “Extraction systems from fluidized bottom gas washers, pneumatic conveying, storage and dispatch of bulk powdered chemical gypsum”.

The systems to be supplied shall feed limestone for removing SOx in dry gas washers and its return in form of gypsum produced in the reaction. The gas washers are part of a power generation plant with 6 furnaces, burning heavy fuel oil, for a petrochemical plant which is being installed in the Middle East.

Zeppelin’s scope of supply comprises basic engineering, calculation of silos and detailed engineering, fabrication as well as procurement of equipment from third parties to be integrated in the general scope of supply.

Among the equipment used for the systems we stress out the following:

- Rotary valves;
- Bag filters;
- Exhausters and centrifugal fans;
- Blowers, Roots type;
- Diverter valves;
- Over and under pressure valves;
- Fluidized transporters and conveying chutes;
- Loading spouts.

Export volume will be shipped in approximately 40 containers of 40 ft. each, representing 650 tons of equipment.

This contract demonstrates that when a client operates with exemptions, products “made in Brazil” can compete with foreign products under equal conditions.

Ricardo B. Santos

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