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Tigre invests in new silos and in Zeppelin Systems quality



Tigre is a 100% Brazilian multinational company; leader in manufacturing pipes, connections and accessories for the civil construction in the domestic market and one of the largest enterprises worldwide – a reference for the construction of buildings, infrastructure, irrigation and industries.

Tigres’ business is based in understanding the needs of the constructors in order to offer them efficient and innovative solutions with high quality products. The company is also known by its respectful principles towards people and relationships with partners and clients. Innovation, concern with the future and sustainability of actions are the company’s trademark.

Recently Tigre has purchased storage silos for plastic resins from Zeppelin to grant the logistic of raw materials in the expansion of its plants in Rio Claro-SP and Camaçari-BA.

Silos from Zeppelin are part of a wide range of equipment options designed to improve logistic concepts for solid raw materials, either powders or grains, available in the market.

Among these options are stationary silos, Transilos® (movable silos) and blenders. All of them hermetically welded to grant complete tightness between internal and external environment.

In industrial plants the storage of raw materials in silos is increasing day by day. The reasons for this change are the advantages that the manufacturer has when migrating from the bags / big-bags concept - responsible for raw material losses and/or contamination - high logistic costs related to forklifts, more manpower for product’s handling as well as the need of a larger in-door area - at a much higher cost compared to the small area necessary for the installation of out-door storage silos.

Zeppelin Systems is proud of having participated in this important expansion project from Tigre Tubos e Conexões.

Ricardo Borges dos Santos

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