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Vale Fertilizers - Cubatão unit installs new finned economizer (heat exchanger) in record time



Vale Fertilizantes - Cubatão Unit, a Vale S/A Group Company is brazil's largest supplier of raw materials for the production of phosphate and nitrogen fertilizers. It has just acquired from ZEPPELIN SYSTEMS a heat saver with tubes of approximately 27 tons.

This equipment, manufactured in record time, was installed in Cubatão during the plant's shutdown in June 2010.

The economizer is responsible for the recovery of heat from the Process Gas of the Nitric Acid Production Unit and comes from the Expander of the Compression Unit. Its installation is in the exhaust chimney. In it, the Boiler Water (BFW) is heated by hot gas with a thermal load of 4,700 MKal / Hour.

The great challenge of this project was to assemble the new beam in the same place as the old beam within the space limitations, meeting the schedule of the Unit's General Shutdown.
The G-Fin fin used in this Heat Exchanger is of high thermal efficiency and agility of assembly. Additionally, the restricted sources of allowable pressure drop on the gas side make this an extremely advantageous solution.

Despite the difficulties and adaptation needs of the project, the equipment was successfully installed in record time by the Vale Fertilizantes team with support from ZEPPELIN SYSTEMS.

ZEPPELIN SYSTEMS seeks to unite quality with competitiveness in its projects. For this, its engineering department has experienced professionals focused on the best solutions for each specific case.

Consult ZEPPELIN SYSTEMS for your next heat exchanger projects.

Ricardo Borges dos Santos

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