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Weighing and dosing of liquids


Liquid Scale


Completely automated weighing and dosing system

Best solution for a precise weighing of liquids.

Weighing capacity: from 1 to 12 different components.

The dosing valves are pneumatically actuated, installed in hermetically sealed cabin, endowed with a precision of 0,1 to 0,3%.

Typical characteristics:

Completely closed system, comprising two internal tanks - a buffer tank and a weighing tank;
The system can be heated with water, steam or electrically;
The dosing valves are controlled by compressed air obtained from a single source, with filters and valve for actuation.

On request, the layout can be tailor-made according to client's needs.

The weighing range of the scales reaches 1 to 100 kg.

Rely on Zeppelin Systems Latin America. Grant precision and traceability to your liquids handling system.

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